Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum order of cases that I need to order?

We require a minimum order of 75 cases per wine varietal. The bottles are 750ml and 12 wine bottles in a case.

How does the label process work?

We work with you on designing the label and offer label printing services; however, certain criteria must be met. Our dedicated sales team will guide you through this process to ensure everything runs smoothly and meets all government labeling guidelines.

What is the cost of the labels?

The cost of labels is already included in our pricing. If you opt for any fancy labeling (embossing, foil, engraving, etching) you will need to cover the expenses associated with that particular company’s services.

What wine options do you offer?

Our portfolio doesn’t include champagne, port, dessert wines, and sangria. We do offer 187ml smaller single-serve bottle sizes or any other varietals beyond those listed. For CUSTOM bottling a minimum order of 150 cases is required and for single-serve bottles, a minimum order quantity of 300 cases is required.

Do you offer case volume discounts?

Yes, we do provide case volume discounts. The specifics of the price break depend on the wine you’re interested in and the number of cases you plan to purchase. Our experienced sales team will guide you through this process.

How long is the process of private-label wine?

Private Label wine generally takes between 8 to 12 weeks from start to finish.  Label design and government approval 2-3 weeks days, Label printing 2 weeks, Bottling, labeling and packaging, and palletizing 2-7 days,  Shipping, trucking, and inbounding in the warehouse 4 to 6 weeks. Top of Form

What is your bottling and packaging process like?

Our standard packaging includes white boxes and black capsules. The choice of bottle type varies based on the varietal.

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