Our Story

Throughout the world, wine naturally finds its place to accompany a meal. As aficionados of Indian cuisine, we were never quite satisfied with the wines we were presented to accompany our dishes. We, therefore, decided to do a little research on the subject. With the help of friends and professionals in both the cultural and wine sectors, we tasted a multitude of different varietals, but we still did not find what we were looking for. We then decided to CREATE such a wine – Mirza Ghalib. It complements Indian food’s spicy and complex flavors in two ways: first, the wine’s acidity boosts the layers of flavors in a dish while softening its extremes, whether of body, richness, fattiness or spicy heat. Second, the wine’s fruitiness or sweetness tones down spicy heat, letting the dish’s other flavors shine. The creation of these wines is the result of the work of a team of passionate wine lovers led by Frédéric-Jean Hoguet, wine expert and member of the prestigious Académie du vin de Paris.

The Name

Mirza Ghalib was the greatest Indian poet of the 19th century. In many of his verses, Ghalib sought to express his passion for wine. One can easily imagine this Epicurean putting pen to paper, a glass of wine at hand. This is why we wished to dedicate this collection of wines to a man who truly appreciated its taste, body, and complexity.